Ghana in E Visa program- South Africa


The South African government has officially included Ghana in its E Visa program, a development that simplifies the visa application process for Ghanaian citizens traveling to South Africa. As a result, Ghanaian travelers are now able to submit their visa applications online, eliminating the need to physically visit the South African High Commission in Accra.


This announcement was made through a statement released by the South African High Commission to Ghana on September 28, 2023. The statement reads, “The High Commission of the Republic of South Africa is pleased to announce that Ghana has been added to the E Visa list by the Government of the Republic of South Africa. This designation allows Ghanaian Nationals to apply for South African visas through online channels, eliminating the requirement to visit the High Commission.”


Furthermore, the High Commission has directed interested applicants to access relevant information on the Department of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa’s official portal, which can be found at It is recommended that Ghanaians visit this website to obtain comprehensive details regarding the visa application process.


It’s important to note that while the E Visa program streamlines the application process, standard requirements such as providing passport details, a letter of invitation or proof of accommodation, and a bank statement will still be verified upon arrival at the point of entry.



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