It is Sergey Lavrov’s first trip to Mali as foreign minister of the Russian Federation. To combat armed groups in Mali, the government has turned to Moscow for assistance. France’s former colonial rulers have been replaced by troops from the Wagner Group. Several African nations now employ Wagner, a private military organization run by a […]


If he wins another term in October, the former footballer pledges to pursue growth and peace. Liberia’s President George Weah has announced his intention to run for re-election after an economic downturn and corruption allegations marred his first term. It is Weah’s constitutional right to run again in the October 10 election, which marks the […]


Rebel fighters conducted separate attacks on Sunday and Monday, including 15 men killed after a minibus was stopped. In two attacks by armed assailants in Burkina Faso, at least 28 people have been killed, including soldiers and civilians. Several soldiers, two volunteers and a civilian were killed in a firefight in Falagountou, near the Niger […]


The Johannesburg Central SDA church in South Africa offered to counsel its congregants after gunmen stormed the church and robbed worshippers of their valuables during a sermon over the weekend. According to BBC, the church was having a service on Saturday when the gunmen entered the building and robbed the congregants of their monies and valuables. The church’s live camera […]

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