Niger ends military agreement with US


Niger’s military administration has declared the termination of an agreement with the United States, permitting American military personnel and civilian staff from the Department of Defense to operate within Niger. This decision comes shortly after high-level discussions with US diplomatic and military officials earlier this week.


Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane, spokesperson for the Niger military, announced the change in a statement broadcasted on national television, citing the government’s consideration of the people’s aspirations and interests. He emphasized that the agreement, signed in 2012, was imposed on Niger and infringed upon the constitutional and democratic principles of the nation’s sovereignty.


Abdramane criticized the agreement as fundamentally unjust and failing to align with the desires and interests of the Nigerien populace. This move marks a significant shift from Niger’s previous role as a crucial regional partner for the US, particularly since the military junta seized power in July 2023, an event officially designated as a coup by the US.


Following the military takeover, the US began withdrawing a substantial portion of its 1,100 troops stationed in Niger. However, senior Pentagon officials view maintaining a presence in Niger as essential for counterterrorism efforts in the region. Despite this, the Pentagon is still assessing the impact of Niger’s decision on approximately 1,000 US forces stationed in the country, as announced in October.

In December 2023, President Joe Biden informed Congress that around 648 US military personnel remained deployed to Niger. The recent announcement coincides with a visit from a senior US delegation to Niger, during which Abdramane criticized the delegation for disregarding diplomatic norms by failing to provide adequate information about their visit.


Meetings between Nigerien and American officials during the visit centered on the military transition in Niger and bilateral military cooperation. Abdramane expressed Niger’s disappointment with what was perceived as the US delegation’s attempt to dictate partnerships, accusing them of a condescending attitude that could jeopardize longstanding relations and erode trust between the two governments.

Furthermore, Abdramane rejected allegations of a clandestine agreement between Niger, Russia, and Iran. CNN has reached out to the US Department of Defense for comment on this development.



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