Waakye, which has its roots in the Hausa settlements of the Zongo communities in Ghana, is believed to be the precursor to the rice and beans dishes that are prevalent in the Caribbean and South America. It is speculated that this culinary tradition was transported to these regions through the transatlantic slave trade. Waakye is […]


One of the easiest Ghanaian dishes to prepare is ripped plantain with beans stew, also known as red red. This favorite dish is mostly served with gari (toasted cassava flour), garnished with an egg and avocado. Check out the recipe below: Ingredients for making fried plantain • Ripped plantain • Vegetable oil • Salt Ingredients […]


Acheke with grilled fish originated from Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, but has been adopted by most African countries and other countries around the globe. Acheke can literally be eaten with anything, but is most popularly enjoyed with fried or grilled fish. Ingredients for making Acheke and Grilled Fish • Fish – Tilapia, Red Fish, […]


Gari soakings a simple and quick solution to hunger. The preparation of this is very simple. Gari is derived from cassava that undergoes crushing, fermentation, and sieving to form small granules. These granules are subsequently roasted , resulting in the familiar gari that is widely recognized and enjoyed. Below is how what you need and […]


  Ingredient needed 5 medium sized Roma tomatoes, roughly chopped 1 red bell pepper, roughly chopped 1 medium sized onion, roughly chopped, set aside 2 scotch bonnet peppers (habanero peppers as they are sometimes called) 1/4 cup of cooking oil 3 tbsp tomato paste 2 cups of  rice 2 1/2 cups of chicken stock or […]


A healthy complement to boiled yams, plantains, and avocado is the highly nutritious Kontomire stew, which is made with cocoyam leaves. Ingredients Goat meat / beef/ fish Kontomire leaves Ground Agushi (melon seeds) Palm oil Onions Tomatoes Pepper Yam / plantain Eggs Salt _         Source: Omanghana.com/SP


Ghanaians’ favorite meal is fufu and soup, a dish originally from the Akan people. Using boiled cassava and plantains, fufu is made by pounding them into a smooth paste. It is also possible to find fufu in Northern Ghana, although it is commonly prepared with yam. Among other things, fufu complements well with peanut soup, […]

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