The announcement pushed Samsung shares up more than 2% during early trading hours in Seoul. The company also reported a more than tenfold increase in its profits for the first three months of this year. For this quarter, Samsung expects its profit to rise to 10.4 trillion won ($7.54 billion; £5.9 billion), up from 670 […]


Maximus Ametorgoh, Technology Analyst and Digital Lead at Pop Out, is advocating for internet access to be treated as a public utility. Ametorgoh argues that internet access is essential for communication and functioning in the digital age and should not be considered a luxury.   Speaking on the first day of the on-air series of […]


The United Arab Emirates and the United States are strategic partners, and there will be an increase in joint investments in artificial intelligence between the two nations, according to the UAE’s state minister for AI, Omar Sultan Al Olama. Speaking to Reuters on Tuesday, Al Olama emphasized the strong collaborative relationship in AI development.   […]


X, previously known as Twitter, has implemented a significant policy change by granting blue ticks to its most “influential” users. Users with over 2,500 verified followers, who are already subscribed to X Premium, are now receiving premium features at no extra cost. Alongside the blue tick verification, these users will experience a reduction in advertisements […]


Traveling, while exciting, often presents unexpected challenges, but with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, the experience is now smoother and more accessible than ever. Planning a weekend getaway to Paris? With the 2024 Summer Olympics making it a popular destination, navigating the bustling city just got easier. Here’s how Galaxy AI […]


A spacecraft crafted and operated by Texas-based company Intuitive Machines successfully landed near the moon’s south pole on Thursday, marking the first U.S. touchdown on the lunar surface in over half a century and the inaugural achievement by a private entity.   NASA, having equipped the vehicle with numerous research instruments, celebrated the landing as […]


X, formerly known as Twitter, has settled the severance payments for the staff it laid off at its African headquarters over a year ago, as reported by the agency representing them. The employees, based in Accra, Ghana, were terminated in November 2022, shortly after moving into X’s new office. The company, now under Elon Musk’s […]


Amazon and Roomba iRobot have decided to terminate their planned acquisition due to concerns raised by EU antitrust regulators. The acquisition, initially announced in August 2022, faced opposition from the EU, particularly regarding potential infringements on iRobot rivals in online marketplaces, particularly in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.   The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) […]


Ghana has experienced a significant financial setback, with a reported loss of GHS 49.5 million in the first nine months of the year attributed to cyber fraud activities, according to the Cyber Security Authority. This revelation underscores the urgent need to step up efforts to combat cybercrime and protect the digital landscape.   The Cyber […]


During a Ministerial session held at the 24th World Petroleum Congress on September 18, 2023, with the theme “Energy Transition and Its Implications for National Development,” the speaker discussed the challenges facing the energy transition conversation. These challenges include limited technological capabilities, low productivity, weak capital markets, and high input costs.   Furthermore, the speaker […]

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