Internet access should be treated as a public utility.


Maximus Ametorgoh, Technology Analyst and Digital Lead at Pop Out, is advocating for internet access to be treated as a public utility.

Ametorgoh argues that internet access is essential for communication and functioning in the digital age and should not be considered a luxury.


Speaking on the first day of the on-air series of the 2024 Citi Business Festival, Ametorgoh emphasized the need for government intervention to ensure affordability through reasonable subsidies for those in need.

“The government needs to classify the internet as a utility service so it becomes an essential service. If that is done, then when contractors cut the cable, they will have to pay for it,” Ametorgoh said, adding, “This way, we can have reliable internet service because no one will intentionally go and dig up cables.”


Ametorgoh also urged small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to understand the digital economy to transform their businesses, enhance revenue streams, and create value-added growth opportunities.

“It depends on the cost of marketing and the target audience. If your target audience is not on the internet, you do not need to sell online because you won’t find them,” he explained.


“If you also can’t access the internet, it means you can’t sell online. You need to understand these dynamics. Some people have resolved not to buy anything online, so when you target such individuals, you won’t succeed. You need to understand all these factors.”

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