24hr economy a prerequisite for electing president – Austin Gamey


Labor consultant Austin Gamey advocates for the adoption of a 24-hour economic policy as an integral part of effective economic management for any government in Ghana. The presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has pledged to implement such a policy if elected, sparking debates on its practicality.


Gamey emphasizes that the 24-hour economic policy should not only be viewed as a tool for revitalizing the struggling economy but should also be a prerequisite for endorsing any government seeking office. He attributes the current challenges, such as high unemployment rates, to the poor management of the economy and suggests that all political figures, including proponents of the policy like the NPP, Hassan Ayariga, and Alan Kyerematen, should be willing to embrace the idea.


In Gamey’s view, introducing a 24-hour economy is crucial for addressing the current economic challenges in Ghana. He asserts that without a well-planned and thoughtful economic approach, it would be challenging for the country to overcome its existing economic burdens, especially given the substantial debt owed. Consequently, Gamey implies that support for the 24-hour economic policy should be a key criterion for electing any candidate or government.



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