$450 million refinery in Ghana for manganese production.


The CEO of the Minerals Commission has announced that a strategic partnership between the Government of Ghana and a Chinese manganese company will lead to the construction of a $450 million refinery in Ghana. This initiative aims to enhance the value of the country’s manganese production.


Mr. Ayisi stated that the new refinery is expected to significantly boost Ghana’s manganese revenue. He emphasized the positive economic impact, highlighting that the project will create approximately 400 jobs for Ghanaian youth.

Speaking at the 7th Annual Mining on Top Africa Summit in Paris, France, on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, Mr. Ayisi addressed the topic “Mining Partnership for Long-Term Successful Projects: Meeting Obligations and Exploring New Avenues.” He underscored the government’s commitment to beginning construction of the refinery in August 2024, emphasizing that Ghana, through its Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, is dedicated to transforming the mineral sector.


Mr. Ayisi noted that while Ghana has been exporting raw manganese since 1916, the current government is focused on ending this practice by adding value locally. He also mentioned plans to establish a lithium mine by the end of 2024, with the project expected to take 22 months to complete. This initiative will further enhance local processing capabilities and add value to Ghana’s mineral resources.

He encouraged other African countries to follow Ghana’s example by promoting local participation in mineral resource projects. He advocated for policies that allow local citizens to benefit from the value chain, including local ownership of shares in mining companies.


Mr. Ayisi also emphasized the importance of stable governance for long-term partnerships, advising investors to consider a country’s regime and practices before committing.



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