At least 10 people were injured in a shooting in Lakeland, Florida


Police in Lakeland, Florida, say 10 people were wounded in a drive-by shooting on Monday afternoon. Two of those wounded are in critical condition.

According to Lakeland Police Department Chief Sam Taylor, a dark-blue Nissan four-door sedan arrived at the scene of the shooting.

“The vehicle slowed, didn’t stop, and all four windows rolled down. There appeared to be four shooters in the vehicle,” Taylor said. In both directions, they fired from the four windows of the vehicle.”

Taylor said at a news briefing Monday evening that eight of the victims had non-life-threatening injuries. There were only three victims transported by emergency management services, and they were between 20 and 35 years old. According to him, the others were driven in personal vehicles.

According to the chief, the incident was targeted.

The Nissan, which had temporary tags, took off quickly, and police are “actively looking for that vehicle right now,” Taylor said.

“We will spend most of the night trying to figure out who is in the vehicle,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor, police are searching for at least four males who may have worn facial coverings. Anyone with information that could aid the investigation is encouraged to contact him.

During the investigation, police discovered a “quantity” of marijuana, which indicated illegal sales of narcotics and marijuana were occurring at the time. “I’m not sure if that has anything to do with this.”

It was the first time the chief had worked on a case where so many people had been shot at once in 34 years with the department.

“Things like this don’t happen here,” Taylor said.

Source: CNN

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