EC corrects errors in voter registration figures


The Electoral Commission (EC) has taken steps to correct inaccuracies found in its daily publication of voter registration statistics during the ongoing limited voter registration process.


In a press release issued at the conclusion of the fourth day of the exercise, the EC initially reported that 143,014 eligible voters had been registered.


However, within less than 24 hours, the EC issued a follow-up statement acknowledging errors in the figures previously released. It was revealed that there had been mistakes in the total registered figures for days two and three, though the individual regional figures were accurate. Additionally, the figure for day three in the Upper East region was mistakenly repeated for day four. These errors have since been rectified.

The registration initiative, which commenced on Tuesday, May 7, aims to enroll first-time voters and individuals seeking to obtain voter cards. Scheduled to run for 21 days until May 27, 2024, the exercise aims to register approximately 623,000 new voters.


A breakdown of the registration figures by region is as follows: Greater Accra region – 17,837 voters; North East – 3,948; Upper East – 6,691; Northern – 10,373; Bono – 4,900; Bono East – 5,118; Volta – 7,512; Upper West – 5,256; Eastern – 14,884; Central – 15,434; Ahafo – 3,889; and Ashanti – 25,558.


Additionally, registrations include 5,638 from Western North; 4,206 from Oti; 2,989 from Savannah; and 8,781 from the Western region. The EC remains committed to reaching its registration target before the conclusion of the exercise.

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