EC warns political parties not to bus minors for registration


The Electoral Commission (EC) has issued a stern warning to political parties, urging them to refrain from sending minors and foreign nationals to registration centers through their regional and constituency executives.


During his media address on Monday, May 13, in Accra, Deputy Electoral Commissioner Dr. Bossman Asare stressed the crucial role of political parties in maintaining a legitimate voter register. He condemned any attempts by political parties to facilitate the registration of minors and non-citizens, citing the potential harm to the integrity of the nation’s electoral process.


Furthermore, Dr. Asare called on parents to prevent their underage children from registering to vote. He stated, “We continue to receive reports that minors and non-Ghanaians are being encouraged by certain persons who are members of political parties to register as voters.” He highlighted a specific incident in the Western Region, where individuals allegedly facilitated the registration of minors, leading to their apprehension by the Police.


Dr. Asare appealed to the national leadership of political parties to discourage their executives at the regional and constituency levels from transporting minors and foreigners to registration centers. He emphasized the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a credible voter register for the 2024 elections and deemed any efforts by parties to support the registration of minors and foreigners as unacceptable and detrimental to the country’s electoral democracy.


He urged law enforcement agencies to enforce the laws against those caught facilitating the registration of minors and foreigners, serving as a deterrent to others. Dr. Asare also reminded underage individuals that it is illegal for them to register as voters.

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