Flooding at Gomoa Okyereko, Central Region


The Ayensu River has overflowed its banks, causing devastating flooding in Gomoa Okyereko in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region.

The flooding resulted from the diversion of the river’s natural course by the contractor working on the Kasoa-Winneba road expansion. Several residents have been affected, and the road has been closed to traffic.


The contractor, Nag Firmont, diverted the Ayensu River from the main bridge to a smaller one at Gomoa Okyereko. However, heavy rains in the Eastern Region, where the river originates, caused it to overflow, submerging the communities of Gomoa Okyereko, Adawukwa, and Mampong.

So far, 150 houses have been flooded, with three completely collapsing, displacing hundreds of residents. Large acres of rice and vegetable farms, as well as fishponds, have been inundated, potentially causing significant losses for farmers.


The integrity of a portion of the road has also been compromised, forcing authorities to close it to traffic to prevent any accidents. Some stranded commuters expressed their frustration, and drivers unaware of the closure drove into the affected area, leading to heated arguments with construction officials.


Residents have blamed the contractor for their plight, accusing him of failing to warn them about potential dangers from the river diversion. Those living along the 30-kilometer Kasoa-Winneba stretch, where the contractor is working on expansion and redesign, have accused him of gross disregard for their safety. They reported an increase in accidents due to the careless dumping of construction materials and deep trenches along the road, especially in Gomoa Buduburam, where rock blasting with explosives has been ongoing.


Meanwhile, Central Regional Minister Justina Marigold Assan, after touring the affected zone, informed Metro News that contingency measures have been implemented to address the situation.



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