Government propose import limitations bill


Business proprietors intending to import goods under the government’s proposed import limitations bill are required to submit clearance requests to the Trades Committee of Parliament, as stated by the Minister of Trade and Industry, K.T. Hammond.

Emphasizing the objective of the proposed import limits bill targeting 22 specific goods, Hammond clarified that the intention is to foster local production and consumption rather than induce shortages of essential goods.

The listed commodities subject to the proposed limits include diapers, rice, and tripe, commonly known as “yemuadie.”

The Trade Minister disclosed that the committee would consider factors such as the total monetary value involved, the nation’s production capacity, and the gap between local production and consumption.

Ahead of laying the Legislative Instrument, industry stakeholders, including the Ghana Union of Traders Association, have urged the government to engage in broader consultations with relevant parties.

Hammond explained the process, stating, “You apply to the committee and explain that you want to import a certain quantity. The committee will then assess the financial implications. Considering that the Ministry of Agriculture and other stakeholders are involved, the committee will further evaluate the country’s production capacity.”

He added, “The aim is to bridge the gap between locally produced goods and consumption, and based on that, import allowances will be granted. Simultaneously, the initiative is intended to foster economic development and preserve foreign reserves.”



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