Ibn Chambas calls for funding to combat terrorism


The African Union High Representative for Silencing the Gun, Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, has urged nations in the sub-region to make significant investments in robust approaches to effectively address violent extremism and terrorism in West Africa and the Sahel regions.


Dr. Chambas highlighted that many of the measures or models currently utilized by countries to ensure peace and stability are outdated and insufficient to adequately respond to the contemporary nature of the threats facing the sub-region.


Speaking to the media after a regional peacebuilding conference organized by the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) under a Research and Action for Peace (REcAP) Network project in Accra, Dr. Chambas emphasized the critical need for substantial funding to counter terrorism.


“The funding of African peace missions by the AU, ECOWAS, and other African representatives and mechanisms will be able to benefit from direct UN-accessed contributions to ensure reliable and dependable funding, making them more efficient,” he stated. “We believe that when this funding is made available, it can enhance the role of African peace missions to tackle some of these intractable challenges we face today in the Sahel.”



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