Increasing trend of unscrupulous wealth accumulation a concern


Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo has expressed concern about the increasing trend of unscrupulous wealth accumulation in Ghana, particularly within the business sector.


Speaking at the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship conference, themed ‘Integrity of a Business Person,’ Chief Justice Torkornoo emphasized the growing greed driven by an insatiable desire for wealth and property.

Voicing her frustration, the Chief Justice questioned the motives of those relentlessly pursuing questionable wealth and property.


“I don’t understand the level of cravings and the amount of money people need. The figures are too high and too strange. Those close to me, are they buying islands or something? What are they doing? What do they need all of this for?” she asked.

She urged conference attendees and the general public to embrace principles of integrity and transparency in Ghana’s development.


Emmanuel Mahama, President of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship, also spoke at the conference, lamenting the detrimental effects of corruption on economies. He called for collaboration among all stakeholders to combat this issue.



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