Kwame Mickey and Team Eternity Ghana (TEG) announces amicable resolution


Veteran music producer Kwame Mickey and the music group Team Eternity Ghana (TEG) have announced an amicable resolution regarding the use of a portion of the existing song “Defe Defe” in their new release of the same title.


In a statement issued on Monday, July 1, both parties disclosed that they have entered into a License Agreement, granting TEG the non-exclusive right to use the new song, including lyrics derived from the original.

This agreement brings an end to the dispute that had emerged within the gospel music industry.

Both parties expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to reaching this amicable resolution.


The agreement was signed by Kwame Mickey and witnessed by Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong in Germany on Monday, July 1, 2024.

This development is expected to pave the way for the continued production and promotion of gospel music in Ghana and beyond.

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