NADMO starts the distribution of relief items in South Tongu


The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has assumed control of the distribution of relief items that were stalled at the South Tongu Assembly, responding to a video shared by the District Chief Executive (DCE), Seth Kwesi Agbi.


Initially, the DCE had cited a lack of funds for transportation as the reason for the delay in distributing the relief items. However, in the wake of the video going viral, NADMO and several well-meaning individuals intervened, providing resources to facilitate the distribution of the items to the affected communities.


Collins Avornu, the NADMO director for South Tongu, clarified that the organization had been engaged in the distribution of relief items for the past three weeks since the Akosombo Dam spillage. He refuted suggestions that the viral video of the DCE influenced the distribution, stating, “We have been distributing items for the last two or three weeks. We didn’t just start the distribution of items.”



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