Rwanda suspends coach for saying Black Queens are “like men”


Nyinawumuntu made a controversial statement regarding the Ghanaian players after her team’s 7-0 loss during an African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier in Kigali last Wednesday. She suggested that the Ghanaian players appeared unusually strong, which she attributed to intimidation.

She remarked, “They seemed like men, and we perceived some of their players as having male hormones. These were players who displayed an extraordinary level of physicality.” She further explained, “Our team was visibly shaken, and when they took the field, they conceded goals due to their apprehension.”

Following these remarks, FERWAFA (Fédération Rwandaise de Football Association) issued a statement on Twitter, announcing Nyinawumuntu’s suspension “until further notice.” They cited her “inappropriate choice of words” after the match, emphasizing that her comments violated both football regulations and Rwandan values.

Notably, this is not the first time Nyinawumuntu has found herself embroiled in controversy. In 2017, she faced suspension from her position as head coach of AS Kigali Women due to allegations of sexual harassment made by players. She later won a wrongful dismissal case against the club and was awarded $47,000 in damages.

Nyinawumuntu, a former player turned coach, assumed leadership of the national women’s football team in June of the current year.
In the match itself, Ghana’s Black Queens secured a commanding 7-0 victory over Rwanda in the first leg of the 2024 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier (WAFCON) at Kigali Pele Stadium. The Black Queens demonstrated dominance throughout the game, with goals scored by players such as Doris Boaduwaa, Evelyn Badu, Priscilla Adubea, and others.



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