St. Mary’s SHS Dominates NSMQ 2023


St. Mary’s Boys’ Senior High School showcased their intellectual prowess and strategic thinking as they emerged victorious in an enthralling knowledge battle against Shama Senior High School during the Regional Qualifiers. Their impressive performance in the second contest of the day secured their qualification for the Nationals.

The competition featured St. Augustine’s Senior High School and Takoradi Senior High School, creating an atmosphere of exhilarating competition and intellectual display.

The contest began with Takoradi SHS taking an early lead in the first round, demonstrating their determination and knowledge. However, it was St. Mary’s Boys’ SHS who quickly took control of the competition in the second round. They exhibited an exceptional breadth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the quiz’s subject matter.

Shama SHS, previously hailed as the standout school in the 2022 Regional Qualifiers, failed to impress this year and found themselves trailing behind the other competing schools. Despite their past success, they couldn’t replicate their outstanding performance and fell short in their qualification quest.

As the contest progressed, St. Mary’s Boys’ SHS maintained their dominance, steadily accumulating points and showcasing remarkable consistency with their impressive answers. They stayed ahead of the pack, leaving their competitors in their wake. When the intense battle concluded, the final scores stood as follows: St. Mary’s Boys’ SHS emerged as the clear victors with a total of 49 points, while Takoradi SHS secured the second position with 27 points.

Shama SHS, despite their previous accolades, finished with 26 points, while St. Augustine’s SHS, Bogoso trailed behind with 22 points.








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