Alleged cases of disappearing manhood in Kasoa


In Kasoa, Awutu Senya East, a disturbing series of events involving the sudden disappearance of male genitalia has instilled fear in the local residents. Reports indicate that seven individuals have fallen victim to this phenomenon, sparking heightened concerns and superstitions within the community.


The unsettling incidents came to public attention  the alarming experience of a 21-year-old Pragya rider named Ussif. Ussif allegedly lost his manhood shortly after shaking hands with a local shoemaker. The incident nearly incited a violent mob attack on the shoemaker, but prompt intervention by the Kasoa Central Business District Police prevented further chaos.

As more cases surface, suspicion has turned towards foreign nationals residing in the area, with many locals convinced of their involvement in these mysterious occurrences. The escalating anxiety has prompted an urgent call for intervention, with citizens urging authorities to take immediate action to address the situation.


Community leaders have underscored the significance of the male organ, highlighting its importance not only as a body part but also as a fundamental aspect of life and identity. The pervasive fear gripping Kasoa underscores the severity of the situation, as residents anxiously await a resolution to prevent what they perceive as an unprecedented scarcity of manhood in the region.


Authorities have yet to provide any official statements on the matter, leaving the community in a state of unease as they await a swift and reassuring response to restore normalcy and peace of mind.

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