Supreme Court dismisses Dafeamekpor’s application


South Dayi MP, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, lodged an application challenging the endorsement of recent ministerial and deputy ministerial nominations, which was subsequently dismissed by the Supreme Court.


Dafeamekpor’s argument centered on the contention that the latest ministerial selections were not conducted within legal bounds. Seeking to curtail the President’s prerogative to appoint ministers and deputy ministers without parliamentary approval, he petitioned the Supreme Court for intervention.

However, the Supreme Court rejected Dafeamekpor’s plea and affirmed the President’s constitutional prerogative to nominate individuals in this manner.

Concurrently, it emerged during court proceedings that Dafeamekpor’s legal representatives declined to accept certain court documents. These included the Attorney General’s opposition to a temporary court injunction and the notice of hearing.


This revelation surfaced when neither the plaintiff nor his counsel were present in court on Wednesday when the case was called.

The Chief Justice, presiding over the bench, noted that Dafeamekpor’s legal team had instructed court staff not to receive any documents from the Supreme Court.

Upon being informed of this directive by Dafeamekpor’s legal representatives, the bailiff confirmed leaving the notice of hearing and the Attorney General’s opposition to the temporary court injunction.


Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General, argued that this behavior was disrespectful to the court. Nevertheless, he urged the court to consider the motion for a temporary court injunction.

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