Akuapem Poloo undertakes the Islamic pilgrimage of Umrah


Ghanaian actress and video vixen, Rosemond Brown, known as Akuapem Poloo, is currently undertaking the Islamic pilgrimage of Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah, a smaller version of Hajj, is observed by Muslims who can afford to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the rituals. It holds particular significance during the fasting period of Ramadan, especially in its final ten days.


The holy Prophet Mohammed performed Umrah before Hajj, making the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for Umrah an important milestone for Muslims worldwide.

Akuapem Poloo’s spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia has been facilitated by Radia Adama Saani, the Chief Executive Officer of Moontouch Travel Limited. Their connection was established during an Islamic function at the Central Mosque in Kanda, Accra.


After expressing interest in exploring the religion further, Akuapem Poloo was registered for the trip with the help of a philanthropist. The expenses for the journey were taken care of, and Akuapem Poloo embarked on the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The trip included visits to Turkey and Madina, where they observed prayers at the first Mosque built by Prophet Mohammed and visited his grave and other significant sites. They then proceeded to Mecca for the main spiritual journey.


Akuapem Poloo expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, sharing her experience on social media platforms. She described the overwhelming feeling of being welcomed by fellow Muslims and expressed her determination to remain committed to Islam due to its beauty and peaceful nature.



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