Bagbin urges traditional leaders to protect family values


The Speaker of Parliament, Alban S. K. Bagbin, has reiterated his steadfast endorsement of the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, which received unanimous approval in parliament.


Delivering a keynote address at the 2024 Suma Akwantu Kesie Festival in Suma, Bono Region, on Saturday, Mr. Peter Bamfo, speaking on behalf of the Speaker, emphasized that the bill’s passage signifies a triumph of democratic principles and a reassertion of Ghana’s commitment to preserving traditional values.


He urged traditional leaders to persist in advocating for the preservation of the nation’s authentic values.

Commending the Suma Traditional Council for its forward-thinking leadership in revitalizing the festival as a driver of development in the region, he also applauded their initiative to establish a state-of-the-art social center in memory of the late Nana Kwadwo Adinkra, credited with inventing the Adinkra symbols.


Speaker Bagbin remarked, “The Adinkra Center will serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity, offering valuable resources for youth training, cultural education, and socio-economic empowerment.”

Furthermore, he called upon the people of Suma to unite in support of their leaders to ensure the region’s development.

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