Kojo Antwi not to perform at the National Theatre again


Ghanaian music legend Kojo Antwi has announced his decision to permanently retire from performing at the National Theatre in an exclusive interview with Nana Adwoa Annan on Onua TV. The iconic venue, which was once the main stage for Kojo Antwi’s popular December 24 concerts, no longer aligns with the artist’s evolving artistic aspirations.


In the interview, the ‘Afafranto’ hitmaker reflected on the National Theatre’s intimate charm in his early days but emphasized that the venue no longer meets the standards he envisions for his performances. Kojo Antwi expressed concern about the challenges faced in maintaining the National Theatre, stating, “The place has fallen short of a theatre… maintaining the place has become difficult for those who are handling the theatre.”



As a former Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Kojo Antwi highlighted the need for a platform that complements his artistic growth and allows for a more expansive and grander performance space. He explained, “I realised that the place wasn’t helping me. But an artiste doesn’t belong to a hall… All the things I did there were about God.”


This decision marks the end of an era for Kojo Antwi’s performances at the National Theatre, and it reflects his commitment to seeking venues that align with his artistic vision and provide the optimal setting for his musical expressions.



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