Making traveling smarter with Samsung Galaxy S24


Traveling, while exciting, often presents unexpected challenges, but with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, the experience is now smoother and more accessible than ever.

Planning a weekend getaway to Paris? With the 2024 Summer Olympics making it a popular destination, navigating the bustling city just got easier. Here’s how Galaxy AI can enhance every step of your journey, from planning to creating lasting memories:


Three Months Out: Craft an intelligent three-day itinerary effortlessly. Say goodbye to travel indecision as AI helps you answer the question, “Where should I go?” Imagine scrolling through social media and stumbling upon a captivating photo of an exhibition at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay. Instead of switching apps to learn more, use Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search with Google feature. Simply press and hold the Home button to activate this feature, allowing you to draw a circle around the content of interest. Quickly access relevant information about the exhibition, thanks to Google’s latest AI capabilities seamlessly integrated into your Galaxy device.


Day One: Overcome language barriers effortlessly with your personal pocket translator. As you settle into your hostel, connect with fellow travelers and locals using Galaxy S24’s Interpreter feature. Communicate in real-time and in person, bridging language differences effortlessly. With Chat Assist’s Message Translate feature, stay in touch throughout the day and coordinate plans flawlessly. Adjust your messages’ tone automatically with Chat Assist’s Writing Style tool, ensuring friendly communication at all times.


Day Two: Immerse yourself in local food and culture with the help of your digital travel agent. Explore the vibrant local scene confidently, knowing that your Galaxy S24 has your back. If plans go awry, rely on Live Translate to navigate problem-solving situations seamlessly. With real-time, two-way call translation within the native call app, communicate effortlessly with individuals speaking different languages.


Day Three: Fine-tune your holiday photos effortlessly with AI-powered editing tools. As your trip draws to a close, use Generative Edit to perfect your holiday snapshots. Correct composition flaws effortlessly by straightening images and adjusting elements with intelligent outpainting and inpainting technologies. Enhance your memories effortlessly, ensuring your holiday photos are picture-perfect.


With the Samsung Galaxy S24 series by your side, mobile AI revolutionizes not only the logistics of travel but also the traveler’s experience, encouraging exploration, fostering meaningful interactions, and making the world feel more expansive and accessible than ever before.

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