US B-52 bombers fly over the Baltic Sea and a Russian jet scrambles


In the latest incident in a series of close encounters between Russian and US military forces, the Russian defence ministry announced a Su-35 fighter jet scrambling over the Baltic Sea in response to the sighting of two US strategic bombers flying towards the Russian border.

According to the Russian ministry, the Su-35 approached the US planes to identify them and ensure they did not violate Russian airspace. However, as the US planes changed course and moved away from the Russian border, the Su-35 returned to its base.

The incident occurred amid rising tensions between Russia and the US over various issues, including the conflict in Syria and allegations of Russian interference in US elections. Both sides have accused the other of dangerous and provocative actions in the skies and at sea.

Despite the escalation of tensions, Russia and the US have signaled their willingness to maintain open communication channels to avoid any accidental escalation or misunderstanding. The incident underscores the continuing risk of military confrontation in the region, which has seen a significant increase in military activity by both sides in recent years.








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