Yemi Alade blasts colleagues


Nigerian music sensation Yemi Alade has taken a stand against her peers who belittle the significance of Afrobeat in the growth of every artist. She encouraged them to quietly establish their own genre if they no longer wanted to be associated with Afrobeat.


On her X platform, Yemi expressed that while it’s acceptable for artists to educate their audience about their music genre, it’s hypocritical to ignore the influence Afrobeat has had on all musicians’ development. She criticized Nigerians for supporting artists who engage in self-degradation online instead of addressing the country’s real issues.


Yemi emphasized, “There’s nothing wrong with informing your audience about your music genre, especially if you feel it doesn’t define your art. Just state your genre calmly. Undermining the role Afrobeat has played in every artist’s growth is hypocritical.”


She pointed out the pressing issues facing Nigeria, such as skyrocketing electricity tariffs and fuel prices, the weakening Naira against the dollar, scorching temperatures, and rising hostility among people due to economic hardships. Yemi urged people to focus on holding the government accountable instead of taking sides and distracting from the country’s real challenges.

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