Steve Harvey’s message to African Americans: Visit Africa to dismiss prejudices


Steve Harvey, a well-known American comedian and TV host, recently made comments about his travel experiences in Africa during a podcast. He advised listeners to “forget everything” they have ever heard about Africa, and encouraged them to visit Ghana, Botswana and South Africa.

Harvey spoke positively about his travels to these African countries, saying that people in Ghana were welcoming and hospitable. He also praised Botswana for its wildlife and natural beauty, urging listeners to visit the Okavango Delta.

Harvey’s comments have been met with mixed reactions, with some praising him for promoting travel to Africa and encouraging people to see the continent beyond its stereotypes. Others, however, have criticized his remarks for oversimplifying the diverse and complex realities of African countries and perpetuating a “savior” mentality.

Regardless of the responses, Harvey’s comments have drawn attention to the growing interest in travel to Africa and the need for responsible tourism that takes into account the local cultures and realities of the places being visited.







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