Ghana’s EV Charging Expansion


Ghana’s drive towards the development and execution of an ambitious energy transition framework has come to the forefront as Minister of State at the Finance Ministry, Mohammed Amin Adam, emphasized the significance of establishing electric charging stations to bolster the country’s electric vehicle revolution.

During his speech at a conference on Climate Finance for Sustainable Transition in Africa, Minister Amin Adam underscored the importance of meticulous planning and a substantial investment of approximately $600 million from now until 2070 to successfully transition to sustainable energy sources.

Acknowledging the considerable financial commitment required for the energy transition plan, especially concerning electric vehicles, which he stressed were a permanent fixture, the Minister stated that Ghana already has over 1,000 electric vehicles in operation. The government aims to construct 1,000 electric charging stations within five years to create the essential infrastructure for widespread EV adoption nationwide.

To effectively regulate electric vehicles, Minister Amin Adam further mentioned that the Energy Commission of Ghana has implemented comprehensive guidelines governing their manufacturing and usage.

Minister Amin Adam highlighted the favorable environment for electric vehicle manufacturing, noting several major car manufacturing companies in Ghana.

By establishing the required electric charging stations, the government encourages these companies to produce electric vehicles locally, further supporting the country’s sustainable transportation goals.

He stated, “The commitment to establish electric charging stations aligns with Ghana’s broader energy transition plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and promote the use of renewable energy sources.”







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